The Do’s and Don’ts of a Great Boudoir Session.

I’ve never really thought about a Boudoir session before Simple Jane.

Although I’ll admit, FOMO hit hard when I started researching the wide variety of women doing Boudoir sessions and the motives behind them.

What is this trending craze and why are so many women doing it?

Of course there are the standards (i.e. Valentine’s Day and Brides to-be) but Boudoir sessions are quickly catching on with moms, grandmothers, and even cancer survivors proving that wrinkles and scars are sexy AF.

So, when we created the #StaySexy Sweepstakes, I knew we had to include a Boudoir session for our lucky winner.

I would not want to give away or promote something I have not personally experienced, so I set out to see what all the hype was about and started by choosing a great photographer.

I did my due diligence. I looked at tons of photos and read online reviews. But if you’ve considered Boudoir and haven’t taken the plunge, you’ll definitely want to know a few “Do’s and Don’ts” to help you prepare.

Boudoir Do’s:

Schedule plenty time in advance

When I called to schedule my appointment I was hoping for something quick so I wouldn’t chicken out. But in the end, I was relieved I couldn’t get in right away. I had time to prepare and that made a huge difference.

If you’re planning a new haircut or color, it’s best to do so several days (or weeks) in advance. Take some time for your new look to settle in and feel natural. Your emotions really come through on the camera, so the last thing you want is to feel self conscious about your new do.

Have a pre-show with your gal-pals

If you‘re planning a Boudoir session as a gift, don’t ruin the surprise by giving them a pre-show. You may, however, need some solid feedback on what to wear and what to leave at home. Gather everything up, invite your girlfriends over and have some fun. Just remember, your outfits don’t have to be fancy lingerie. A short silk robe or a button-down shirt can be far sexier than a bustier and fishnets.

Find something fun and comfortable and rock your style.


Once, I was doing a video outside and the make up artist didn’t take into account the bright sunlight, the heat and how it would end up looking on camera. I was left with a melting make up messa big waste of time and money. If you’re planning to hire a professional makeup artist, make sure they know exactly what kind of shoot you’re doing and look through their portfolio of clients. If you’re doing a more dramatic or fantasy photo shoot, you’ll want a pro that specializes in that type of photography.

If it’s something simple, you may want to stick with a natural style.

But DO keep in mind; your every day make up looks different on camera.

Depending on your budget, consider a set of false eyelashes. Strip lashes for a more glam look or individual lashes to fill out the lashes with a more natural look. They can really make your eyes pop in the photos. Temporary lashes that are applied with glue are economical, but make sure you feel comfortable in them. Once I tried a cheap, glue on set, I knew I could never wear them for the photo shoot. I felt like something was in my eye the whole time. They lasted a whole 15 minutes.

Get in the Mood

A successful boudoir shoot contains a mental component as well. If you run into the studio after rushing to drop the kids off, you’re probably not going to feel too sexy.

Try to schedule your session in the afternoon to leave yourself plenty of time to get ready. Throw on some sexy jams, apply a little Simple Jane topical aphrodisiac in all the right spots and use a non-psychoactive CBD product to help you relax.

Find out photo pricing in advance.

I ended up booking three photo sessions through Groupon as part of our …ahem…. research. I was surprised to see how each one packaged photos and pricing. It’s better to know and plan in advance how much you will want to spend.

If everything goes as planned, you will have several photos you’ll love. Don’t let sticker shock get in the way of a great experience.


Boudoir Don’ts:

Smooth as a baby’s butt

A fresh bikini wax is a must but skin can look red and bumpy immediately after a wax. It’s better to have it done a few days ahead of time and make sure to follow up with some soothing coconut oil and lavender essential oils.

About that tan…

While most good photographers can usually do a bit of Photoshopping to avoid major blemishes, it’s hard to completely alter the look of your skin. Many people make the mistake of trying to use a fake tanner before the session to give them a ‘a little color’. Reconsider. Orange glow is probably not the look you’re going for. On the other hand, true tanning can leave tan lines that  limit your clothing choices if you don’t want them to show. For best results, let your skin be its natural color. After all, a Boudoir photo is really about showing your natural beauty, not about covering it up.

Sloppy drunk is not a good look.

Some of the photo sessions come with a glass of Champagne or two to get you in the mood, but try to avoid drinking too much. Passing out, puking or glassy red eyes can ruin a photo shoot for sure.

Some things to remember when booking your shoot:

Try to choose someone who specializes in Boudoir. You definitely want someone who can photograph you in the right light, angles, and poses to enhance your beauty. Choosing someone without a lot of Boudoir experience can end up uncomfortable and awkward.

Every photographer is different when it comes time for the picture reveal. Some do it online where you can choose in private. Others prefer to go over them in person. Whatever method you choose, make sure you are in the right frame of mind. A rough day at work or with the kids can make you quickly forget how beautiful you felt that day.

When done correctly, Boudoir sessions can help you feel beautiful and truly accept yourself – scars, wrinkles, and all. It really becomes less about the pictures and more about the entire experience from start to finish.

For me, it left me feeling liberated and beautiful and I hope it does the same for you.

Have you been thinking about a Boudoir session? Even though our #StaySexy Sweepstakes  including a Boudoir session with a Celebrate Your Sexy photographer, a variety of Simple Jane Topical Aphrodisiacs, a JimmyJane melting candle and a sexy lingerie outfit from Belle Lacet is over, you can still find our Topical Products Here.


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