Salt Stone Do’s & Don’ts

The Do's & Don'ts

Of This Himalayan Salt Massage Stone


Use the salt stone combo for tension headaches, TMJ, and sinus pressure relief.
Release pressure points in hands and feet with the pointed edge or smooth edges of the heart shape.
Place the salt stone on your heart or on your belly (or along any Chakra, really) and use as a meditation tool to help stay centered.
Salt Stone Pressure Points

The salt stone is antibacterial and antimicrobial, but...

all natural salt

You probably shouldn't ...

* Lick it. I know, it's tempting and it certainly won't harm you but you know, just to be on the safe side, I wouldn't use it as a food source.

Oh, and by the way...

* It makes a terrible all natural deodorant ( sorry! )

*And it's cool to keep it chilled, but don't let it sit near water too long.

*Speaking of water... salt corrosion is real and can damage metal if you let it sit too long.

But other than that.... we use this salt stone for all kinds of relief and take it with us wherever we go!

Learn How People Are Using This Salt Stone for Headache Tension, Sore Muscles, Cramps & Massage.

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