Bring Your Office A Better Kind of Happy Hour

Hempy Hours Are the Happiest Hours of All

Enjoying 'Happy Hour' with friends is a great way to relax and unwind after a long day of work. The problem is, most of the things that happen at Happy Hour usually end up causing more stress and inflammation in the body. Let's face it, most bar food is loaded with sodium and carbs that when combined with alcohol is a recipe for even more stress!

Simple Jane 'Hempy Hours' are a fun way for people to relax and unwind in a healthy way.

SimpleJane_Hempy Hour

We set the scene so you can forget about life for awhile.


Organic Tea Tasting Bar & Herbal Waters. 

We bring our luxury spa collection of organic teas and herbal waters to sip and sample in the Zen Den. Recipe cards are available so your staff will be able to make them at home or at the office. 
  • Sedona Sunset- Herbal Blend
  • Rooted- Ginger Tumeric 
  • Blessed - Jasmine Green Tea
  • Road Less Travelled -Green Tea
Simple Jane Tea

Empower your office with the tools to manage stress.

The Simple Spa

Wellness Kits Are Daily Reminders to Focus on Feeling good! 

There's no doubt traditional therapeutic massage is beneficial in so many ways but we believe we've found the perfect combo for long-lasting relief.

Unlike traditional chair massage, our Signature Office Treatments are a combination of stretches, myofascial release, and trigger point therapy designed for conquering the effects of modern day living.

Our group demos show your team the tools and techniques to keep bodies and minds healthy and happy.


Luxury doesn't have to be complicated.

  • Your Simple Zen Package starts with a welcome “Happy Hour” with signature CBD tea and mocktails.
  • Quick and easy guided group demos to inspire daily wellness in your office environment. *All sessions are led by certified therapists.
  • Simple Jane’s signature Wellness Kit that includes travel size CBD oils and our Himalayan massage stone for practicing all those new massage skills at home or on the go.

* Prices may vary depending on office size and location. Please contact an Experience Coordinator for pricing and details.


If you’re looking for the ultimate mini-retreat for the office, add on our custom massage therapy packages.
Our certified massage therapists will come in for the day to provide mini Signature Simple Spa treatments.
Our treatments are designed to relieve the tensions of office life with quick 20-minute sessions to get you feeling great and back to finishing your next big project.
A scheduling platform will be made available to allow employees to book their session throughout the day, completed by the “happy hour” and group session available to everyone at the end of the day.

* Prices may vary depending on office size and location. Please contact an Experience Coordinator for pricing and details.

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